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Ausonia Nanutti Beltrame S.p.A. is a factory located in Maniago, a small town in Friuli known all over the world for the production of knives, tools and manufacturing of steel. Ausonia is the most ancient factory of knives and tools in Maniago. It was founded by the Nanutti Beltrame family at the end of the Nineteenth Century...

...1919 is the year of the first official registration in Udine’s chamber of commerce. The firm begins it growth in the first post-war period. Up to today there has been a continuous growth in the production and trade that has made the company one of the most significant firms of the field, with two manufacturing factories and over 10,000 square meters of warehouse. It is also one of the main references in the field of knives, scissors, building and agriculture tools.

Today Ausonia boasts an assortment of over 2,000 articles, known for their quality and reliability and more than 3000 between retailers and distributors active in Italy, Europe and all over the world.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 91 items