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  • Aurelia Gloves

    Founded in 2000, Aurelia® Gloves is proud to be the leading Latex and Nitrile examination glove brand in North America.

    We distribute premium quality glove products with an uncompromising emphasis on comfort and safety to healthcare and industrial professionals. We understand the importance of providing a clean and comfortable hand protection environment to both healthcare providers, as well as the patients themselves.

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  • Ausonia

    Ausonia Nanutti Beltrame S.p.A. is a factory located in Maniago, a small town in Friuli known all over the world for the production of knives, tools and manufacturing of steel. Ausonia is the most ancient factory of knives and tools in Maniago. It was founded by the Nanutti Beltrame family at the end of the Nineteenth Century...

  • Bahco

    The Company behind Bahco

    SNA Europe

    SNA Europe is the premier pan-European manufacturer of hand tools and saws, part of Snap-on Incorporated.

    We design and manufacture tools and saws tailored to the most demanding professionals, focussing our design highly on innovation, performance and ergonomics. As innovators for over 150 years, we have introduced the most advanced tools in the world, and sell through distributors with whom we build long-term partnerships.

    Bahco products are overwhelmingly manufactured in our own factories located across Europe and offered by our partner distributors to the professionals 

    Our ambition is to be and to be recognised as, an unfailing company, professional above all, a company that contributes to peoples’ health, wealth and safety by offering the most valued productivity solutions in the world.


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  • Facem Trespade

    The Tre Spade story is not your usual company story. Sure, in every industrial enterprise, stories of men and machines, the strength of inventions and the ability "to do" are all intertwined. But, for many reasons, that which encompasses our brand is something different.

    Its origins, above all, were related to an intense and, at the time, still unknown fragrance. The three crossing swords ("Tre Spade"), in fact, appeared in 1894 on the body of one of the first Italian coffee grinders, born together with the espresso trend that in those years had been growing among the most chic tastes. From macinelli (mills) to pepper mills, it was a short step: at the beginning of last century, Tre Spade designed the mechanism that is still today unsurpassed for functionality, precision and reliability.

    In those same years, the first automobiles were starting to travel around the big cities: the company soon realized the capacity of this new motorised revolution, and since 1906, our family business has became a pioneer in the field of auto mechanics. From then on, year after year, tools were born for agricultural processing and forged steel components, representing one of our company's souls.

    Because another thing that makes us original is this idea of ours to combine a highly industrial vocation, forged metal, and a genuine love for good things. In addition to automotive experimentation, over the years followed continued innovation in the field of kitchen tools: first meat mincers, then tomato squeezers and then sausage fillers. Three families of product which still today attest to our attention to those working in the kitchen.

  • Fischer-Bargoin

    The saga of a family with a passion for cutlery since 1859

    Today, with the merger of FISCHER and BARGOIN, we offer the most extensive range of small equipment for butchers and catering services as well as the best of French manufacturing in professional knives.

  • Giasco

    The freshness of a young and dynamic Company.

    Joined in the difference and in the strong enthusiasm to produce safety shoes, we propose our made in Italy branded products on the national and international market. The items we offer are certified for protection and wellbeing of the foot.

    Always taking care about ethics, design, technology and innovation, we work to fully satisfy the customer.

    Thanks to all our distributors who allowed us since 1971 until today to grow up with their confidence.

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  • Heiniger

    Heiniger has a long tradition behind it. Since 1965, Heiniger animal shearing machines have set the standard for quality. Quality management by Heiniger is recognised and certified. Today, Heiniger is one of the leading manufacturers in the animal shearing area. No matter whether in Europe, North and South America, Oceania, Asia or Africa, or whether it is for cattle, camelids, horses, goats – worldwide, millions of service animals are sheared and groomed with Heiniger devices and products.

  • Icel

    Formed as a company in 1945, the business counted on its heritage and tradition to maintain the commitment it had taken on – to offer the market quality products and  service nationally and internationally.

    Since the early days Icel has invested in strategic and sustainable growth and in 1973 began exports to demanding markets like the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Denmark and nowadays is represented in 35 countries on several continents.

    This success is due to important factors like the  capacity of evaluating and responding efficiently to the different market requirements, thus developing a culture of innovation in the products and materials, great flexibility in production arising from the updated technology in modernizing the processes and a constant concern for qualifying everyone who is a part of the company.

    Nowadays the company has a staff of 190,  produces 3.2 million items intended for the household and professional sectors and the turnover is close to € 9,000,000 a year, with 70% of this amount being exports. It is a national leader in the domestic and professional cutlery sector.


  • Laika

    Laika cuttlery is born in 1973 as a distributor of national and foreign cuttlery.
    Later on, on the basis of market expansion, we started producing a line of high quality products for professional use.
    The lines MEGOL and EUROPE are actually renown products as well our equipments for the working of the meats.
    Laika today proposed with one strongly reactivity to the requirements of the customers, produce lines of design, to supply the best products in commerce and guarantee an effettive pre and post sales service.

  • Lewer

    echnological innovation, research of light and resistant materials, constant attention to new tendencies and styles in the van allow the firm to offer a product of good quality, able to satisfy ali customers, even the most exacting.
    Asuccess founded on a winning principle, produced by an essential combination of: italian capital, italian technology, italian labour
    Lewer asserted itself in the market of safety shoes, becoming a point of essential reference to the feet of people that work in different environments, even the most dangerous ones.
    1987 - The firm originates from the idea of a group of young and courageous entrepreneurs whose experience, already developed in the this area, has allowed to single out those lacks and necessities that persisted within the safety shoes area.
    2005 - The constant and well-organized cooperation of ali the areas of Lewer group - planning, production, marketing and distribution , and the attention to the applications of the market, bring to the introduction of the new line called "Evolution". Characterized by more comfortable footwears, sure and perspiring, with a fine innovative style, young and charming.
    2009 - New look for safety footwear line called "Cool Job", young colors and dinamic style, outsole new concept, low, sports, flexible and light (weight -30%) in PU 100%.
    Modern style comfort and maximum flexibility, transpiration (+70%).
    2012 - new shoes style "DOT.IT" with the colors and sporty design. Lightness and flexibility are the strengths, the sole designed to increase the slip resistance of 20% of the minimum required by law.

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  • Mutexil

    Mutexil is a french leading manufacturer and importer of disposable clothes since 1961 thanks to its quality for latex gloves, coverall, clip caps...

  • Nora Spirale

    Spirale, established in 1975, has always been dedicated to combining Italian quality and style with technological innovation to become a leading international footwear manufacturer. Spirale specialises in the use of thermoplastics, PVC, thermoplastic and nitrile rubber for the production of injection moulded casual footwear (rain and after-ski boots) and professional safety footwear.

    Over the years the company has continued to expand, also through major acquisitions, increasing both its product range and total production capacity. The combined use of cutting-edge technology and stylish, fashionable designs and colours, along with constant attention to developments with regard to ecological and environmental concerns has always proved a winning strategy.

    Ever since it was founded Spirale has favoured the use of environmentally-sustainable solutions in its industrial manufacturing processes, continuously investing in tests and research to enable the use of ecological and recyclable materials. The company manufactures a unique range of safety footwear products for industrial use based on exclusive patents and special materials that are much appreciated on Italian and international markets.

  • Premax italy

    Premax is a famous italian scissors manufacturer.

  • Salvador


    Our main care has always been to improve the quality of our products, so now we can certainly state that, after receiving several appreciations in home and foreign markets, at present our selfsharpening knives, plates and band saw blades, have no competitors.

    This has been possible thanks to the very good quality of the used stainless alloys, to special hardening treatments and to the very accurate finishing.

    Each single piece of our production guarantee a very long lifetime, very good cutting efficienty and very high operating perfection.

    Therefore, we trust will prefer our products.


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  • Victorinox

    Since 1884, Victorinox has given top priority to the quality and functionality of its products. We therefore have in place an efficient quality management system, which focuses on the manufacture of pocket tools as well as household and professional knives.

    Incoming goods inspection

    The incoming goods inspection ensures that all delivered manufacturing materials and OEM parts meet our quality standards.

    Inspection of incoming material (steel)

    Thanks to the laboratory tests, we are able to guarantee that only first-class steel is processed in the manufacturing plant. The various types of steel are all special alloys, which have the properties necessary for each respective application.

    Process control

    The departmental managers are responsible for ensuring that the quality of the products is guaranteed and that state-of-the-art technologies are used. All employees are jointly responsible for the quality control processes and for ensuring ongoing tangible improvements.

    Final inspection (pocket tools)

    Due to the high quality standards regarding functionality, design and finish, Victorinox endeavors to consolidate its leading position in the global market.

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